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Hello again Dmitriy, thank you for this help.

I tried reverse-engineering by opening regions on the map and looked for matching values in corresponding API but could not find matches for the attributes I listed above.

Since you kindly provided the API, is the .prj for the map also available? 

Thank you,


Hello Dmitriy, thank you for providing this data link. Is the data also convertible into SHP (shapefile for use in ArcMap)? 

Alternatively, I have converted the API to CSV and am now trying to convert the CSV into SHP using FME software, and I would like to know what the following attributes stand for (I realize some concern МВД data but am not entirely sure what they correspond to):

mvdvp10, mvdvp20, mvdvp30 (...) mvdvp90

fnsvp10 (...) fnsvp90




My other question is that I am trying to convert non-spatial data (CSV) that you provided into spatial data, but for all attributes (mvdcode, oktmo, etc.), the data type is string. I am somewhat new to data mapping and I was hoping to find attributes that can be converted to x- and y- coordinate data types, to place each federal subject in a spatial data arrangement (map of RF). For each federal subject, I am unsure of which attributes represent coordinates or position--is this spatial information contained in the API? Please let me know. Thank you!


George O'Hara